Sanding and Refinishing

Enhance the warmth, depth, and beauty of your home by restoring life back to your old hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors last a long time, which means they rack up a lot of wear and tear. Refinishing (or taking off a thin top layer of the wood and applying polyurethane to the newly exposed layer) helps keep your floor looking beautiful. Another option is to update your flooring by having it refinished and then stained a new color. Whatever your reason for refinishing, Luminous Flooring has the experience and expertise to handle the job.

If a floor has deep scratches, warped boards or other serious damage then Luminous Flooring can typically remove the damaged boards and replace them with the same species and size of raw wood. Once sanded and refinished the boards will blend flawlessly. Refinishing your hardwood floors is the most cost effective way to enjoy a new floor without a new floor price.

Luminous Flooring will take your hardwood floors down to bare wood over three or more passes with increasingly fine sandpaper on the sander. Once all the scratches and damage is removed the floors they floors will be vacuumed and wiped clean. After sanding and cleaning, we will apply a stain color of your choice and coat the floors with the highest quality polyurethane available. Our experts will help you review the pros and cons of the many stains and finish options out there to make sure you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Before & After


At Luminous Flooring, we guarantee our refinishing services. Our hardwood flooring services are geared to meet your needs as we'll get the job done right and in a timely fashion every time. We are committed to the art of refinishing. Mastering the skill is important to us. Our team has knowledge, training and certifications through the NWFA as well as continued hands on training at our many in house workshops. Our attention to detail, communication and quality work make pleasing our customers second nature. We care about our customers and stand behind our finished product with confidence.